Hello from East Sussex

Feel free to join up and say hello here.
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Hello from East Sussex

Post by Touring_Dave »

Stumbled across this site as searching for solutions to XT2 issues.

Suffering from phantom screen presses & unit freezing up.

Returned for service / warranty and two weeks later informed 'no issues found'.

Unit has been factory reset and new software installed whilst it was away so no idea if I'm being fobbed off or not.

Fingers crossed it's all sorted now as wanted a dedicated GPS unit rather than shake my mobile apart with vibrations!
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Re: Hello from East Sussex

Post by Peobody »

Welcome to the forum Dave. I hope the issues with your XT2 are sorted.
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Re: Hello from East Sussex

Post by jfheath »

Welcome to the forums @Touring_Dave.

Garmin are usually pretty good with their service / guarantee stuff. They will switch units out very speedily if they have cause.

Resets and software updates often make them behave themselves. But screen issues can arise for all sorts of reasons - I have found with the XT and 590/595 models. These include:
  • Heat. The XT gets warm juts by being turned on, but if it has been carried in a pocket, it gets warmer. This seems to affect the sensitivity of the touch screen - reacting to finger presses before the finger has got anywhere near the screen.
  • Water. Water droplets on the screen can be recognised as finger presses.
  • Salt deposists. Rain water is salty in the UK. It falls from the road surface in a mine mist that is kicked up by traffic. You can taste it on your lips when riding. Screen gets wet and dries and the saly residue is left on the surface.
  • Grease. Normal finger grease, but particularly after eating a sandwich, crisps or fish and chips. This is an invisible smear. Try it. Bottom right hand corner of the screen is a good place. Whent the map is displaced, repeatedly pressing bottom left hand corner will cycle through a 3 or 4 screen sequence. With a dab of grease, the XT will happily demonstrate how quickly it can perform this trick all by itself.
A spectacle glasses-wipe microfibre cloth is a good thing to have handy for keeping the XT screen clear.

There are some reports that screen protectors can cause issues. I have had a Brotech glass protector on mine for the last 3 years. I have had no issues that can be attributed directly to that.

  • Brotech glass protectors are a thin, very flexible glass cover, cut exactly to the right size and shape and are available on ebay from Europe. Put on in a dust free area, they go on easily and perfectly. They really are glass - when I sent my XT back for an issue, I removed it and tried to break it. I couldn't do it by hand but folded it over and used pliers on the crease. It held together like a broken windscreen, but it certainly cracked like glass would - but not without a great deal of effort. It isn't going to do that on your Zumo.
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Re: Hello from East Sussex

Post by ZFtracker »

Welcome, Dave.
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