Hi from Cumbria

Feel free to join up and say hello here.
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Hi from Cumbria

Post by midlife »

Hi, my name is Graham and I am of the more mature in age member but immature in nature.

I did belong to another zumo forum but it seems to have disappeared so have joined this.

I ride a BMW R1200RS and have a nav 6 with it, happy in the main but a few niggles with the nav 6 and the unfriendly basecamp.

will be posting and asking questions and learning from others who have sorted their issues (zumo related) out

will try not to piss too many people off
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Re: Hi from Cumbria

Post by Moose »

welcome we are glad to have you
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Re: Hi from Cumbria

Post by Wingstyle »

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will get the help you need.
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Re: Hi from Cumbria

Post by kernowing »

Welcome to Zumo users forums Graham. You're not alone in finding Basecamp a bit of a challenge but when you get into it (with help from your Zumo friends) you'll find it good for planning your routes & tours.
Cheers, Pete.
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Re: Hi from Cumbria

Post by Sleuth »

Hi welcome to the forum,

Basecamp is a pain to learn - the learning curve is not a curve more like a wall. However when you get to grips with it, you can make multi day tours with ease.

I am planning a trip, and using it to work out where I should fill the bike. So two routes for one journey.

Best regards
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Re: Hi from Cumbria

Post by tojjer »

Welcome Graham
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Re: Hi from Cumbria

Post by Stu »

Welcome to the forum :)