Is it possible?

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Is it possible?

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I've recently crafted a day trip in Basecamp, comprising 38 via points. Would changing 9 of them into shaping points by setting them to non-alerting suffice for the XT to recognize it as a single route? This way, I can avoid the need to delete via points and manually create shaping points using the BC Insert tool.
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Re: Is it possible?

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Welcome to the forum Max.

Short Answer - Yes.

The maximum number of Via Points, excluding start and finish is 29. After that the Zumo breaks the routes into chunks of 29+2.

The longer answer is a question.

Why do you want that many Via Points. You have to pass through Via Points before the satnav will navigate ahead. Shaping points are more forgiving. If say you have a route that is closed or diverted, and you miss out a shaping point as a result, as soon as you rejoin the magenta line after the shaping point, the satnav doesn't care and navigates you forward. If you miss out a Via point, you have to go back to it, or use skip.

Take a look at my pages here. There's a lot of useful info, diagrams and explanations.

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