Two Garmin Accounts

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Two Garmin Accounts

Post by Jim1348 »

I noticed that I have two Garmin accounts. It looks like that may be causing problems with me using Garmin Explore. Do I need to contact Garmin to have them merge or delete one account? Or, is it something I can do?
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Re: Two Garmin Accounts

Post by auke54 »

The account you registered your device at Garmin ( is the same at Explore website.
You use this Garmin account to log on Over there you do need to add the XT (

On the Phone you can use Drive to look into the Explore database. When installing the app you're asked for this. When 'yes' it will synchronise the explore data to the XT. If you missed this question, no problem but you have to re-install Drive to get the question again.(remove and install)

I have no clue if this solves the need to merge the two accounts.
Maybe simple remove one of them after restructuring is enough?
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