Glitches with my 395

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Glitches with my 395

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Hi, I'm new here.
I have a Zumo 395 with TPMS and Sena SRL headset (Neotec 2 helmet) and Samsung J1 phone paired.
The 395 frequently (like every 100 kms or so) looses power and begins the shut down routine then goes blank after 15 seconds, usually starts up again on its own. If I gently hit the unit during the shut down routine it will usually reconnect and avoid the shutdown. I've checked the power supply and moved it to various sources, it is currently connected directly to the bike battery terminals. The 2 spring loaded pins in the mount seem to move freely and I've used contact cleaner on them but the problem persists.
With my setup described above, the Sena won't operate the MP3 player with voice commands. The MP3 player works fine otherwise but I have to control it with the GPS touch screen. The voice commands work fine with FM radio, and phone speed dial. I've been working with Sena on this issue and their response is the problem is with the GPS switching between HFP and A2DP channels.
Any help with my 2 problems would be greatly appreciated.
Zumo 395 with TPMS, Sena SRL
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