Importing routes what is it calculating?

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Importing routes what is it calculating?

Post by Scottnet »

I load BC routes to my SD card and then import them. I do this because when the XT messes up my routes I can delete and re import.

I am trying to figure out what the XT is doing during the import. It takes a long time so it seems like it's recalculating the entire route, but when I preview the route I can see it has not.

Any idea?
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Re: Importing routes what is it calculating?

Post by Peobody »

We know that it is recording all of the waypoints as Saved points. We also know that:
1. Different routing options (Faster vs Slower, avoidance options) between the XT and the Routing software can result in a recalc by the XT when the route is loaded.
2. Different maps (XT vs routing software) will result in a recalc on load.
3. We have also seen issues with waypoints that cause a recalc on load. This one is a tough one. I don't think anyone has identified the specific cause other than changing the waypoints will solve the problem.
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