XT data limits

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XT data limits

Post by lkraus »

I've always thought the XT limits were much like the 590/595:
  • 15,000 points per track
  • 30 via points per route (including start & end)
  • 125 shaping points between via points
I found something different on Garmin's site today https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=O ... navigation

When Sending or Creating Files for the zumo XT, Keep in Mind the Following Limitations:
Unlimited GPX files
Unlimited waypoints
Unlimited geocaches
Unlimited routes
Maximum of 200 waypoints per route
Unlimited saved tracks
Maximum of 10,000 points per track
2,000 archive tracks
Each GPX file can contain a mixture of waypoints, geocaches, routes, and tracks. If the GPX file containing a waypoint or geocache is deleted, the waypoint will no longer be available on the device. When utilizing routes, only 50 points can be used for on-road navigation.

Besides the fact that there is no mention of via or shaping points, the maximum 200 waypoints per route and 50 max usable navigation "points" make no sense, the track point limit seems too low, and I have no idea what the difference is between a waypoint and a geocache.

Does this web page have major errors or am I just suffering from dementia?
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Re: XT data limits

Post by Peobody »

That data is confusing to say the least. There seems to be some conditional information that is missing. Consider the statement "If the GPX file containing a waypoint or geocache is deleted, the waypoint will no longer be available on the device." only applies to gpx files whose route(s) have not been imported. Once a route is imported, all of the waypoints in the imported routes get saved in Favourites (or "Saved" here in the U.S.) and remain there even after the original gpx file is deleted and the imported routes (trips?) have been deleted from the XT.

I agree that the statements "200 waypoints per route" and "only 50 points can be used for on-road navigation" don't make any sense.
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Re: XT data limits

Post by jfheath »

Agreed, those staements are not consistent. Maybe a zero has been missed from the route points value ??

This page says it a bit differently saying 200 points per route - but it is describing the limitations of what the Explore website can handle.

Page Link

Anyone might wonder if there is a bit of confusion about the use of the terms 'point' and 'waypoint'.
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