Routing on different maps

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Routing on different maps

Post by blacktiger »

Evening all. I recently went on holidays to the USA from home in the UK and downloaded the OSM maps for the whole of the USA and loaded it onto my 595. All good. BUT.....I couldn't get the download to load onto my PC and appear in the maps drop down box on Mapsource (Yes I still use Mapsource). Anyway, so, I calculated my routes before I left home using a 2012.4NT version of Garmin mapping and then loaded the routes onto the 595.
Well, the upshot is that the routes didn't like calculating on the 595 when I opened them up. The processing was really slow and when it finally showed on screen there was all sorts of stuff not right with it. I had to resort to canceling the route and plotting a route to the next waypoint, which it did quickly and accurately.
I'm supposing that there's no way round this and I was silly to expect it to work.....unless an expert knows otherwise?
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Re: Routing on different maps

Post by sussamb »

Afraid if you use different maps that is pretty much bound to happen. You'd possibly have been better sending waypoints only to your device and calculating routes as you went.

This is one of the reasons why using BaseCamp is a good idea, as it can read the maps on your device so you would have been able to work with the OSM map.
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Re: Routing on different maps

Post by jfheath »

There is nothing wrong with using OSM maps - but it helps if the map on your computer is identical to the map on the satnav - otherwise it will always take a VERY long time to recalculate the route - much longer in fact than it takes to calculate a route just using saved Waypoints.

There is no reason why you cannot get OSM maps in Mapsource / BAsecamp. Once one of these programs has access, the other will find it. The download from OSM should have included an installation file for the computer ????

But your 595 is expecting to receive two a combination of Via and Shaping points - which Mapsource knows nothing about. The best combination uses a start a finish a few Via Points to mark the places that you will definitely visit - eg for lunch, coffee stops etc, and all of the rest are set as shaping points.

You have perfect control of this in Basecamp. Basecamp is not that much different from Mapsource, once you have got your head around the folder / list structure on the left hand side. Create a new folder. In it create a new list. Name them and select the list and start creating your route in much the same way that you would in Mapsource. The biggest hurdle is to get over the incorrect notion that Basecamp is difficult.
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