New from Canada

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New from Canada

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Hi guys, Dave from Canada here. Flying my V-strom to Europe for a three month adventure. New Zumo XT owner. Have already loaded European maps, but I have a question. I am looking for the simplest method to load GPX maps onto the XT. Please understand that I don't want to use any of the "powerful" tools that allow you to program in fuel stops and daily itineraries that account for lunch stops ands hotels. I want none of that stuff. I just want to draw maps. Fairly complicated maps, to be sure, but only maps nonetheless. Want to be able to put in starting and end points, include numerous waypoints — so I can hit the most mountain passes on each day — but nothing else. Hell, I'd do it in Maps on Google's mainstream internet page if it would only export GPX files.

Anyways, anyone have an idea. I work on Macs and iPhones. And again, just the simplest just-the-facts-jack maps please. I have no use for the rxtra complications of route planning, My many thanks inn advance.
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Re: New from Canada

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I might be able to help you...I can talk you through Garmin Basecamp quite quickly.
I'll be leaving for Scotland on May 2nd - renting a bike there..