New Large Zumo Coming Out Anytime Soon?

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New Large Zumo Coming Out Anytime Soon?

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First off thank you to the entity who set up this new Zumo forum. I was a member of the old for 10+ years. Shame the data couldn't be crossed over but I'm sure this moderator tried.

I've got a 590LM and a Nav VI. As much as I don't like to work when I'm riding the backroads of America, being able to stay in touch with what is going on allows me to get away more often and for longer, so its a necessary evil. The 595LM has notifications where a text or email shows up on the Zumo, whereas the 590 doesn't have that. Since the wife is always asking what I want for Xmas so she doesn't have to figure it out herself, I figure I'll get the next new unit coming out.

Has anyone heard of a new machine from Garmin coming out soon? I know there is the new 396 but I already have a nice bracket on my '12RT holding the 590lm bracket so want to stay with the larger unit, plus I have the Virb too, which I don't think the 396 can link to for stop/start commands.

Off this topic but I love the Nav VI on my new '18RT, but it doesn't have split screen where I can control the Virb and still see the map, disappointing. Everything else about it very good though, and the screen is brilliant.

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