Spoken guidance from 396 to bluetooth dongle?

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Spoken guidance from 396 to bluetooth dongle?

Post by UncleBucket54A »

I use my satnav for motorcycling. Back in the old days, I used a G395LM (which I still have) and a pair of Custom Fit wired earplugs which plugged into the bottom of the satnav by way of a 3.5mm jack plug. Everything was fine, but then I chose to upgrade to a G396, which does not have an audio jack socket, and I ended up having to buy a SENA SRL2 comms unit for £259. Now, one month after the warranty expired, the SRL2 has died. I phoned the supplier (Helmet City) who thought the chances of compensation were unlikely.

I have a bluetooth dongle, which can receive input by bluetooth, and produce output to its 3.5mm jack socket, which is exactly what I want. However, the satnav output is on two channels - 1) spoken guidance instructions, 2) media output. The dongle will connect only to the media channel, but not to the spoken guidance channel.

I am looking for a dongle (or equivalent, or phone) or some other solution to receive spoken guidance output to a 3.5mm jack socket so that I can use my wired earphones again. The only other alternatives appear to be stumping up another £259 to buy a new SRL2 which might only last two years, or reverting to my G395LM and my wired earplugs.

Is there another solution that I have missed?
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Re: Spoken guidance from 396 to bluetooth dongle?

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Chainspeed do a BT03 device which gets full 2 way communication between a stereo headset and mic. So all output from the Zumo comes to it Via BT and mic goes in. So it supports phone communication through the Zumo. It requires 12v power and has a 4 pole 3.5mm socket.

Mine is connected by a male to male lead to my autocom. Used with BT from an XT.

Phone them. tell them your problem. They probably will have a solution.

But before you do that, check the tools menu when the zumo is on the bike with everything plugged in and connected. The Zumos I have had allow input and output to be directed from the menus. I don't know the 396 so can't say if that also applies to your Zumo.

Today, I discovered something really important. I found another way that doesn't work.
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Re: Spoken guidance from 396 to bluetooth dongle?

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The FIIO BTR3 solved my bluetooth to wired earbuds requirements, (although a 3.5 mm jack on the Zumo 396 would sure make it simpler) the buttons are a little small but it worked flawlessly the whole time. Try this, it is rechargeable and it has never gone dead on me while riding all day. You can clip it anywhere.