Faster or Shorter?

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Re: Faster or Shorter?

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A straight ball is on its way to you.

Bear in mind that if you are following a route that has been transferred and imported into the Zumo, then how your Zumo is set for vehicle and for route preferences is irrelevant !

In this case, the Zumo uses the settings that are stored in the route. It does not use the setting in the Zumo before the route is loaded. If there is no vehicle specified in the route file, it will default to using motorcycle. If there is no routing preference specified, it will default to using faster time.

Everything else - eg avoidances - come from the settings in the Zumo itself. The Zumo stores separate settings for car and for motorcycle. It will use the settings in the Zumo for the vehicle that was specified in the route file. Or the motorcycle if no vehicle was specified.

So if the Zumo is configured for car and for shorter distance routing and you transfer and import a route from (say) MRA - which I don't think specifies a vehicle in its route, then the Zumo will switch to using motorcycle and faster time while the route is active, and it will use the avoidances that are set in the Zumo for motorcycle.

This applies to the XT, 590 and 595. I suspect that it also applies to any Zumo with the trip planner app, but I have never used any of the later 3xx Zumos. I remember that the 660 did something similar, but I never wrote it down.

Detailed notes are in Section 4 of 'What the manuals do not tell' for the 590 and 595.

and in 'Everything you need to know' for the XT. Go to section 5.

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