Sheffield to Ware, Hertfordshire Ride

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Sheffield to Ware, Hertfordshire Ride

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I recently did a ride from Sheffield to Ware on a Motorcycle. I rode a 125cc with L plates and had to avoid motorways. I picked avoid motorways and expected my device to take dual carriages and while avoiding Motorways. It however routed me through all the country roads and ended up 7hrs in the cold. Can i download routes to my device? I know I can route A roads from Ware to Sheffield and do the trip in 4hrs tops
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Re: Sheffield to Ware, Hertfordshire Ride

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Yes! The 590 and 595 are able to run preselected routes. I have never created routes directly on my 590 - other than just selecting the destination - so I can't discuss creating a route on the device, which it can. But, you should download Basecamp and create a route using Basecamp. You can select the roads that you want to take and then send the route to your 590/595.
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Re: Sheffield to Ware, Hertfordshire Ride

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Sure, as mentioned downloading BaseCamp or some other mapping/route app and learning to use it is the easiest way for me. Folks tend to think the device will always make what we think will be the most logical choices but that is a huge mistake! So I sometimes make basic routes on my 595 itself, mostly when I'm meandering around and I don't have a laptop with me. I choose not to use a phone app for routing. YMMV. I wish you had stated which specific device you have as my 595 generic instructions may not apply but here goes:

The most important thing to remember when making a route on the device is that point selection starts at the point farthest from you, your destination. You pick a point and a popup allows you to choose that as the destination. Make sure you zoom way in to pick the point accurately. And this doesn't even have to be your final destination, it can be the outgoing final point and you make another route later for the return trip. When creating routes on the device remember that simpler is better. When you select that point and designate as your destination your device will create a route from where you are to that point based on the preferences (avoidances) you've set. You mention picking avoiding motorways so I'm going to assume you're somewhat familiar with that feature although it takes a bit of experimentation to figure out that what you call motorways and what it thinks motorways are may differ. You discovered that, eh?

Now you have a route to follow on your device but it may not be the way you want to go. Here's the neat part- adding a point to your route. Again, this applies specifically to the 595, the 590 may be different. Touch the screen. Upper left, touch the arrow. I use the - button to zoom out then follow the route. Then, going to a point to re-route through, again farthest away from you, use the + button to zoom way in. Pick a point on the map then pick GO. You will be given a choice to either Start New Route, or Add as Next Stop, or Add as Last Stop. Pick the middle one, Add as Next Stop. The device will then recalculate the route from where you are to your destination to include that point you picked. Repeat this process- again working from farthest away point towards closer points- so the next point you pick will be between where you are now (the route Start) and the last point (intermediate) you just picked. Doing this repeatedly you will created a complete route to follow exactly the way you want to follow it.

On the 595, when you touch the map during a route, a squiggled line with a checkered flag shows up. Don't use it. Ignore it if you read about it. It complicates and confuses point selection.
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