waypoints not being voiced through my xt

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waypoints not being voiced through my xt

Post by rufasim »

HI all. Hope someone can answer my question and it is simple to fix. I made a route in google maps then transferred it to basecamp. I then added a few more waypoints to ensure that I went the way I wanted to go. I just got my first garmin ps for christmas and learning it for the upcoming motorcycle season. I went for the ride but the only waypoints that were broadcast by zumo was the ones I put into google. The voice said the name of the route, not the location of the point. How can I make zumo say all the waypoints I put in and say the location of said point?
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Re: waypoints not being voiced through my xt

Post by JohnnyRidesAlone »

Right click on the route in basecamp and select open. You shall see a list of all your waypoints. All routes except start and fininsh can then be right clicked and set to alert on arival or don't alert.
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Re: waypoints not being voiced through my xt

Post by sussamb »

If you want all of them to be announced you don't need to do them individually. Group select them using the normal Windows method, then right click the selection...
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Re: waypoints not being voiced through my xt

Post by jfheath »

I'm a bit late to this thread @rufasim . I hope you got this sorted, but I will make the comment anyway for anyone else looking in.

You say that you added a few more Waypoints ? Sometimes, people using other routing software like Google maps use the term 'waypoint' to mean any point on the route. If so, then there is no need to read any more of this. @sussamb has answered your question.

But Garmin use the term 'Waypoint' to mean a point that has been created and saved for future use. You create these by using the flag tool, and the points are saved in the Zumo as 'Favourites' or 'Saved' locations. In Basecamp if the route exists already, you have to add the new Waypoint to the route. Even if you placed the flag on the map where the route is drawn, it still needs to be added to the route.

To do that, double click the route to get the route properties dialogue box. Then click the plus button + at the side of the list. This will display all of the waypoints that have been created for the current list, and you can add them to the route. You can then drag them to the correct place in the route list.
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