Hello from NJ

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Hello from NJ

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Hello All,
I purchased my Zumo late last year but only got to use it a few times since I was selling and buying bikes. This past weekend we did a nice ride and the Zumo performed. On the way back it was sending me in circles to get to my destination.
Although I am not so tech savy, my Zumo should be.....any thoughts?
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Re: Hello from NJ

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Welcome to the forum

Yes - I have loads of thoughts - but only a few of them will be relevant to your issue.
Maybe you could help by narrowing the problem down a bit?

Which Zumo do you have?
Did you create a trip for it to follow or did you get the Zumo to create a trip for you ?
What software did you use to create the trip ?
Did your trip include getting you home again ?
If not - did you stop the trip from running once you had finished (and did the Zumo actually tell you that you had reached your destination

The first thought that I have is that you had a trip planned, it got you to what you thought was your destination, but you parked up before actually reaching the point that the Zumo was told to reach.

When you set off again, the Zumo was still trying to get you to reach the end of the first half of your trip.

Either that, or you missed out a vital route point and it was trying to get you to go back to it.

But Zumos behave differently so we need to know which one you have and how you planned the trip.
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