Zumo 396 and MP3's

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Zumo 396 and MP3's

Post by VA3TWT »

I just ordered a Zumo 396 and I downloaded the manual, however I don't see anything in there that speaks to the number of MP3's you can load on the device. I believe with my Zumo 550, the limit was 700. Anybody know the limit on the 396?

I am aware that the files should be placed in folders, and I'm OK with that, I just need to know how many MP3's it will support. I will be adding a 32Gb card to the 396 once it arrives and plan on putting the music on that.

Thanks for any and all help;
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Re: Zumo 396 and MP3's

Post by rbentnail »

Have no idea about the 396 but my relatively new 595 has 3013 music files in 247 folders on a 64gb SD micro card. There's no difference in boot time with or without the card inserted and it (so far) plays music just fine.

ETA: some excellent success on pg 2 -> viewtopic.php?f=8&t=48
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Re: Zumo 396 and MP3's

Post by Sleuth »

Good evening,

I knew that there used to be a Garmin page which gave the number of MP3 files that various devices could hold.

Here is the page: https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=L ... =noProduct

Although it only lists the 395 & 595, I assume that the number will not be change drastically.

It certainly would explain why the number of songs I use (1400) worked on the BMW Nav IV - 660 rebadged, and it crashes on the 396.

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