Build a POI (gpi) file that shows up on the main screen

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Build a POI (gpi) file that shows up on the main screen

Post by stkm04 »

I kind of remember that in the past I used ExtraPOILoader (if I remember correctly) to build a GPI file that shows up as an icon on the Garmin main screen (instead of having it listed in "Extras").

Now I have to change that the contents of that GPI but forgot the exact steps (I need to recreate that GPI from a GPX list). Can someone refresh my memory?

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Re: Build a POI (gpi) file that shows up on the main screen

Post by carolinarider09 »

I know this is an old post but I just went through an update process for my Garmin 665 GPS using new POI from the POI Factory. Had to down load the software from Garmin

The download is located here ... 9-99999-12

And the place I downloaded new POI files is located here

Things I learned. Using GARMIN POI loading software for the Mac (probably the same for Microsoft) if I selected the folder full of the new POI files, the converter coverts it into a single file system so you cannot easily see what is in there except using the GPS.

To address that issue I put two new folders on my hard drive. One is New POI Files and the other is Old POI Files. I plan, if I do any updates in the future to copy the files in the Poi folder on the Garmin device to an storage location on my hard drive so, if the up load fails I can revert back to the old files.

So far it look like is still works.