Random lockups/reboots

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Random lockups/reboots

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Does anyone else here have issues with their XT just occasionally either freezing up, or spontaneously rebooting? Doesn't seem to matter if I'm navigating with it or just using it to show me where I'm going.

My first unit did this from time to time, and then I got a replacement to hopefully help with the issue of "raindrops being registered as touches" - I had hoped that my first unit was just a little flakey and that the replacement would be more stable too. However, this new unit appears to be just as twitchy as the old one.

This doesn't happen a LOT - I took a 1500 mile drive from Minnesota down to almost-Mexico, and it rebooted twice in the 4 days of driving. But still - I feel it shouldn't be rebooting AT ALL. Turning down map complexity and/or removing layers of maps that are unneeded doesn't appear to have made much of a difference.

I'm not really looking for a solution - I'll wager someday Garmin will come up with a software version which cures what ails me - I'm more just interested in hearing that I'm not alone.