Hello from Texas

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Hello from Texas

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Hi there Peeps, I have been using a Garmin Zumo 660 for the last 10 years on my CRF450X to navigate mainly on dual sport (off-road) tracks all over the USA. The 660 display was never very bright and in Texas that makes it very hard to see, so finally decided to upgrade, so sold all 4 of my 660's and purchased a couple of Zumo XT's (5.5" display). Have yet to use them for a real ride (that will change this coming weekend) but so far the display seems a lot lot better, very happy with the purchase.. Not totally happy with the mounting system for this new GPS, it seems a bit weak so worried the GPS might come off whilst riding the dirt tracks, busy fitting a second backup attachment so if it does come off the main mount, it doesn't get completely lost..


PS I forgot to mention my wife and daughters all Dual sport ride with me, that's why there where 4 GPS, now the daughters are at university and probably won't ride with me, so only need 2 new units!! :)