Hello from West Wicklow

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Hello from West Wicklow

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Hello from West Wicklow, Ireland.

I've been a Garmin user for a lot of years. I was given a Garmin III by my wife for my 25th wedding anniversary in 1998 and I still have it!! The best adventure I've ever had with a Garmin was when the GPS III brought me from Nema, Mauritania to Bamako, Mali in 2008, following the direction arrow, across part of the Sahara :)

I moved on to a Streetpilot which I didn't like and then to the 276C which I loved and still have. I've had a Montana for a long time now and use it for hiking and motorcycling and am thinking of buying a Zumo XT for the bikes.

I have a few questions about the XT but will put them in another thread and look forward to getting lots of help before I buy.