660 LM not announcing turns

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Re: 660 LM not announcing turns

Post by rbentnail »

Excellent! Pain in the butt but that seems like a relatively easy fix.
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Re: 660 LM not announcing turns

Post by Yodac »

Yes, I hope the info is helpful to others on the site.

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Re: 660 LM not announcing turns

Post by jfheath »

Well done for finding the answer - but I don't understand why it was announcing turns before your stop, if it was the English Language Files that were at fault. That doesn't make sense.

Unless it was the stopping the device and restarting it that cured the problem. My 660 used to do odd things after it had been navigating for a while. For example, the screen redrawing would start to get slow, then it wouldn't bother and I'd end up with a motorcycle icon and a track but no map drawn undernath it. Doing a restart always fixed it - which was possible to achieve on the move. The explanation that I gave to myself was that it had a 'memory leak', where memory is used by different functions but is not properly released when it the function finished - so the amount of available memory slowly went down. I don't know if that was what was actually happening.

It doesn't matter - you fixed it, and that is all that matters !

Today, I discovered something really important. I found another way that doesn't work.

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