Errors with Basecamp

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Errors with Basecamp

Post by larryg »

I'm planning a road trip, in the car, and will be using the Zumo XT with the Garmin auto mount.

I have Basecamp set for "Driving". BaseCamp 4.7.4, and the XT is ver 6.20.

I'm still getting "there was a problem connecting with the Zumo" errors, but it does connect and I can transfer routes to it. But some things that I don't understand cropped up:

1. Although I have identical maps on the Zumo, and Basecamp, it says I don't and re-calculates when I send a route to Internal Storage.
(see attached jpg,showing the error, and Map Install verifying that I have identical maps. (and I have that map checked in the Zumo) .

2. When checking the routes on Zumo, (which defaults to Motorcycle mode when unplugged), some of the routes come up bad - wrong trip distance & time, route off road (straight lines), etc. But I found that if I switch the Zumo to Auto mode in the Trip Planner, it will recalculate and then the route looks good in preview. So I guess this isn't a problem, but hope this might help someone else.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this, thank you...

( Since I will be on the road for the next two weeks, I won't be able to respond to any posts during that time).
Basecamp Map Error.JPG
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Re: Errors with Basecamp

Post by colirv »

Before transferring you need to (a) set both Basecamp and XT to the same profile, be it Motorcycle or Driving, and (b) in Basecamp, untick all the boxes in Edit/Options/Device Transfer.

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