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Up Ahead

Post by titter »

I want to see petrol stations in the up ahead function but I'm not interested in seeing restaurants or motorcycle locations. Can these be removed?
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Re: Up Ahead

Post by sussamb »

The data fields are changeable so set them to what you want
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Re: Up Ahead

Post by Dusty ST »

I don't think you can, like you I'd like and have tried to display just the petrol stations, but there's no 'blank' option.
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Re: Up Ahead

Post by jfheath »

You can turn off upahead places so that you don't see any.
If you have them turned on, it will show three categories of your choice. If you don't want that, then choose custom categories that will hardly ever show in your locations.
eg Ski centres, Ferry terminals.

Personally I find the icons create far too much clutter on the screen. I keep them turned off.
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