New Zumo XT owner

Having Garmin zumo XT problems? there is loads of help and advice in this forum
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New Zumo XT owner

Post by Fallguy67 »

Good morning all.

I have just recently purchased a Zumo XT, I've had a 550 for a LONG time. It started acting up and I thought I would upgrade. I haven't even mounted it to the bike yet, but so far I am loving it! It seems to blend the best of my old 550 and my iPhone into one device.

I used Basecamp to transfer my old routes, POIs, vehicles and etc from the 550 to the XT without any issues.

I'm still learning and exploring, but so far two things I've noticed that 550 had that the XT doesn't is a way to have a custom splash screen (no biggie) and it doesn't seem to have Garmin Lock, which was nice, but guess not a deal breaker. Perhaps this is still buried in the settings somewhere I haven't found yet.

I'm looking forward to reading through this forum and learning more (and contributing when I can) as I did the 550.
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Re: New Zumo XT owner

Post by cr0100 »

I used to always customize my splash screen with "if found, call xxx at xxx-xxx-xxxx" but ... oh well, no longer.

The screen is wonderful to deal with. Only issues I've ever had is that sometimes it'll just lock up - like, once in 8-10 hours of riding. Someday some nice young programmer will figure out the bug and fix it with a firmware update. :-)

Ah - yes - also, there is no such thing as "Garmin Lock" on it. Just make sure you're good about dismounting it, and storing it somewhere safe when you stop.