Round trip function

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Round trip function

Post by Stu »

I tried the round trip function on the XT today and I must say I wasn't impressed at all

I put in all the details and it only gave one route option whereas the 590/595 used to give 3 options

You can adjust the slider to get more options but then this reduces the "adventurous" feature

Also the route it gave me wasn't that "adventurous" either! it gave me roads that are less desirable all the busy A roads :?
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Re: Round trip function

Post by Fatboy96ci »

:shock: I hope this will get better because it's THE reason I bought the XT. Otherwise I better stayed with the Calimoto app.
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Re: Round trip function

Post by chrisjk »

The RT function is basically useless. Takes forever to calculate a route of say 150 miles and in my case won't route at all due south for a trip of that length - apparently because the coast is less than 150 miles away! Using Kurviger on my phone, I can generate 10 different RT routes of 150 miles length in less time than it takes for the XT to manage one - even when the chosen direction is something the XT can live with.
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Re: Round trip function

Post by Fallguy67 »

I may be lucky or just haven’t used it enough, but the other day I asked to make a 2 hour route and came up with one that looked pretty good. It didn’t seem to take too long for it to come up with it. Guess we’ll see what more use of it brings.
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Re: Round trip function

Post by Fxwheels »

R/T like with any trip that Garmin creates for you (like creating a New Trip giving Start and End and have Garmin calculating based on Adventurous roads) will not be perfect. It will have some major roads and can lead you through city centers even though there're some much better roads around.
I don't know what algorithm they have but that's what it is. Sure there will be good roads too, but some major roads will be thrown as well.
Of course you can choose different roads as you go (by checking the map) if you don't like some section it selected for you, and deviate from the magenta line, then rejoin it later down the road.