Zumo XT : Active Log deletion

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Re: Zumo XT : Active Log deletion

Post by jfheath »

Settings->Map and Vehicle->Map Layers->Travel History.

Unticking this prevents the blue line from showing on the map. It doesn''t stop it being recorded.

If you want to stop it recording altogether:
Settings->Device->Travel History. It also prevent your XT from building up a profile of which roads you prefer and how you ride - which may mean that ETAs are not calculated as accurately.

I like the phrase 'Topic Swerve' ! Swerve away - although in this case it your question was related to the topic under discussion. If it is likely to be better placed somewhere else, and therefore likely to get more attention, or if the topic is getting too long or too difficult to follow - we'll shift it for you. (But we'll let you know so that you can find it).
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Re: Zumo XT : Active Log deletion

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Yes !
I am a new user to the Zumo (XT2)
I transferred lots of stuff from Basecamp (previously used with my Montana 610) to my Zumo and I was stuck with a bunch of pink lines of my history and was struggling to find out how to remove them.
Thanks, you're my savior !