Where's the Recalculate Route button?

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Where's the Recalculate Route button?

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Hi all,

New user to the forum here, after being surprised to find that there was apparently no place in the official Garmin forums to discuss Zumos. What's up with that? Anyway, not a new user to Garmin--been with them since getting my first III+ in the 90s. Most recently got a Zumo XT to replace a decade old Zumo 665, which no longer had enough memory to hold the latest North America map sets.

So I'm familiar with Garmin's idiosyncrasies and features-not-quite-as-I-want them, enough so for a lengthy other post. What's got me stumped on this one though is, where in the world is the Recalculate Route button? Because I plan very complicated long distance routes, I keep Automatic Recalculation turned off. If ever I did want to recalculate on the 665, which is rare but not zero, all I had to do was go back one screen from the map to the home screen and hit the button.

As far as I can tell the easiest work around is to go back to home screen, then "Where to?", then "Recent", then "Go". (Apparently at least with the same destination I don't have to confirm that I want a new route.) Is this really the way to do it? That's...disappointing.
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Re: Where's the Recalculate Route button?

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Not just Zumos, Garmin forums don't cover On the road devices.