XT & Mac is it worth the upgrade risk?

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XT & Mac is it worth the upgrade risk?

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I have three days to decide if upgrade my trusty old 590 to an XT.

Percieved Pros for my hard earned cash
Better display and Screen
Can transfer GPX files wirelessly

Possible Negatives

We all know that Garmin software is....... lets just say not the greatest experience.
I use a Mac laptop and iphone which is a platform that Garmin may be compatible with to a degree, but one they do not appear to particularly embrace.

I have learned to live with the foibles and now have a workflow that works, and in most circumstances I can predict what the 590 is likely to do with GPX files created in myrouteapp (its just sooo much easier and quicker than basecamp).
The MRA HERE is a good but not a perfect emulation of the 590 and on a critical highly detailed route using minor roads I need to further edit the MRA in Basecamp to ensure the Garmin will select the specific roads I want. so probably 25% -30% of my routes have to go through Basecamp


So exactly how flakey is the XT in general use, and on the mac connecting to basecamp

Is what I see on this forum regarding connectivity to Garmin Express and Basecamp a real problem, or once people have their workflow sorted does everything work consistently?

On the road is the device stable or not? - some conflicting reports out there

Is it relatively straightforward to transfer GPX files wirelessly from both a Mac and an iphone to the XT? or is there a connectivity faff that means its not likely to be the significant gain that I perceive?

Its Garmin. I know it will not work how it should (sorry, how I might expect) and there is going to be a frustrating learning curve, but once I get there is it all stable, or flakey or frequently changing?

I need to get to the point where I understand its behaviour, it is acceptable for purpose, and the behavior remains predictable in less than a month...which is where I am with the Zumo 590.... Is that reasonably achievable?

Or do I just stick with the known quantity and spend the money on a couple of track days........

your thoughts would be appreciated
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