Phone call quality

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Re: Phone call quality

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So while I was doing more logging for Garmin, I tested it when I was paired to channel 2 and it worked - no issues. I added in the Garmin Drive app and it still works. As JRA mentioned above, this may be the way Bluetooth behaves. It is pretty amazing how it frequency hops across 80 channels on the same 2.4Ghz as WIFI. Given all the data going back and forth, I guess we are lucky that it works at all. I am going to leave the paring like it is now and hope stays working.
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Re: Phone call quality

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I do have the same problem. Did this solve the problem?
If so what exactly do you mean pairing it to channel 2?
I have the Zumo xt with Cardo packtalk bold.
I have tried with iPhone 12, 13 mini and Samsung note 20 but the problem is still there for me.
Have been in contact with Garmin but have not yet got any info from the (3 months ago)
Any help is appreciated :roll:

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