Zumo 590 dead?

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Zumo 590 dead?

Post by RogerO »

Zumo 590.

Turned off mid ride, no obvious reason.

Battery won't charge off the cradle, original lead or other leads on different chargers that are known to be OK.

Removed and refitted battery - nothing - dead.

New battery purchased - same - still dead.

Tried the hold the 'on' button 30 seconds - nothing.

Tried the hold the button AND bottom right corner of screen - same - nothing...


Any clues?????

Fred D.
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Re: Zumo 590 dead?

Post by Fred D. »

Does screen show anything? If you've tried new battery..I suspect the screen is pooched.
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Re: Zumo 590 dead?

Post by biz »

What happens if you connect it to a PC with Express installed?