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Out of interest can someone explain what all the different Maps in myMaps are used for/or needed , as you have the options to select different maps, should they all be selected or certain ones.
Or is the map made up of layers?
If they are all selected and some are not needed for your area/route could they be slowing the XT ?

myMaps on my XT
CN Europe NTU 2021.10 Parkopedia
TopoActive PS Europe 2021.10 North East
TopoActive PS Europe 2021.10 South West
Europe DEM
CN Europe NTU 2021.10 Foursquare
CN Europe NTU 2021.10 All South
CN Europe NTU 2021.10 All North

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Re: myMaps

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CN North and South are the standard road maps covering Europe. Parkopedia is parking places. Topo maps are mainly for off road trails. DEM is the digital elevation map and Foursquare are POIs.

Shouldn't be an issue leaving them all selected.