No power from mount

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No power from mount

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Hello all, new user here.

I have had a Montana on a powered mount on a motorcycle before, but not a zumo. I just got a used 2019 Tracer 900 GT (love that cruise control!) and plan to take a several month trip this summer. To that end I purchased what looks to be the excellent Zumo XT.

The device charges normally via USB. However, it never charged at all from the mount I was installing on the bike using T taps on the switched wires at the 12V lighter wiring. I verified 5.2V at the pins on the power cable. However, when I inspected the cable, it appeared that at least one of the pins (Grnd) was recessed below the hard rubber parallel strips that flank the pins. The other pin was also uncomfortably close to these strips. My guess is that the mount does not compress these rubber strips sufficiently to have both pins contact the zumo device. Of course it could also be a device problem, but I have no way to verify that.

I searched the forum and did see some indication of potential cable issues with some users. Do any of you fine folk have any knowledge about this situation and whether others have had this issue?

I am going on this trip in Mid June and Garmin Support indicated that no power cables will be available to ship to me until at least mid May. This seems awful late for any troubleshooting (ie: might be the device and not the cable), so I decided to just ship the entire kit back to Garmin and purchased another one from Revzilla. Had to lose the $100 discount I got from Garmin though....darn it. But wanted to make sure I had a solid solution well in advance of my trip.

Any help from the forum on this topic would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: No power from mount

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Some of the 'early' power cables had a tendency for the pins to break or dislodge, Garmin updated the plug on the end where it connects to the XT, I have no idea if people are having problems with the new type. I have attached a link with the photo, 7 posts down from the top viewtopic.php?f=48&t=816&start=60