Basecamp Startup Error

For any questions and tips and tricks on how to use Basecamp for PC then please post in this section.
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Re: Basecamp Startup Error

Post by KSza1 »

delete the cyclops file in the POI folder in the XT
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Re: Basecamp Startup Error

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Try deleting any cyclops speed camera files, that has worked for some according to posts on the Garmin forum
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Re: Basecamp Startup Error

Post by Stu »

I will try that

I also have a cyclops update that keeps failing :?
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Re: Basecamp Startup Error

Post by JS_racer »

I have a USCanadaCyclopsSample.gpi
do I delete that, it was a trial that expired.

seems it still complains about the current.gpx
does the current gpx need to be removed every time before using base camp ??
this is crazy.
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Re: Basecamp Startup Error

Post by jfheath »

(Correction to original post)
current.gpx is used to store the routes that have been transferred to the Zumo and which have subsequently been imported. ie it contains the current list of saved routes in the Zumo.

You can get rid of its contents by deleting all of the imported routes from the Zumo Trip Planner App. Then plug in the USB cable and delete the Current File (or rename it as described below). While you are at it, get rid of temp.gpx. Temp.gpx coantains all of the routes that were trasnferred to the Zumo during the last USB connection with Basecamp. It gets overwritten each time you connect BAsecamp to the USB port and transfer more routes. (in effect it wipes out the previous transfers - which means the zumo will not be able to import them again.
nb this behaviour is very different from the 590 and 595). Then do a hard power off and restart, so that current.gpx is recreated. Check that there are no routes available to load, and that there are no routes available to import.

Then try again. It ispossible that a route that you had was corrupted on transfer, or perhaps you had a route that didn't originat in basecamp?

One other possibility is that the memory that current.gpx is written to is faulty. Instead of delting current.gpcx, try renaming that file to something else, eg current.old. Then do a restart. When the Zumo creates new current.gpx, it will be forced to create it in a completely new location, because the old file already occupying the memory that is suspect.

Worth a try.
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