Zumo XT not starting

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Re: Zumo XT not starting

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Stu wrote: 02 Jul 2022 06:51 When I got my replacement it would not stay on until it had at least 4 hours charge in it with a decent charger!
My experience was similar. I don't know about the 4 hour charge; I just left in plugged into a charger overnight.
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Re: Zumo XT not starting

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The XT needs a minimum charge to operate, when shipped the batteries are almost flat, due to carriage rules. You have to charge the thing for a few hours the first time, its actually explained online and in the manual. Unlike the other devices I've had - Garmin Nav V and VI the thing wouldn't work just on the cable.
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Re: Zumo XT not starting

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jfheath wrote: 02 Jul 2022 11:30 ...
My 590/595 is always flat. It has a new battery and I have fiddled with battery connectors - it either does not charge the battery or the battery doesn't hold its charge for long. Nevertheless that springs into life whenever I plug it into the wall socked USB charger - rated at 2.1A. (But it does have to go through the booting up process if it has been completely flat).
Poor battery life was part of my decision to buy an XT. I tried new 590 batteries in two years, one direct from Garmin, and they just do not hold a charge. I've even tried removing the battery and a fully charged battery will still be completely dead in a couple days.

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