Zumo XT not starting

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Zumo XT not starting

Post by Crisandria »

I just received my Zumo XT. The Garmin start screen shows with the bar across the bottom starts filling, then the Zumo XT turns off. I have the Zumo XT attached to a USB power source for a little bit, (maybe 10/15 mins) and maybe the bar filling across the bottom as gone a bit further before turning off than when i first tried powering on.

Is it possible that I have a defective unit, or it's just the battery was so low that it needs longer to charge enough to be able to start even with the USB power source? I vaguely remember something like this with one of my previous zumo's, although don't remember it taking this long before it started once i connected it to the usb power source.


UPDATE: It was that the battery was that low.
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Re: Zumo XT not starting

Post by Exurban »

Good to hear. I just this minute got mine out to compare how it starts up and charges so I could comment.

When I got mine the battery wouldn’t charge all the way even after several hours. I read something in the manual that suggested I plug it in then put it in sleep mode instead of turning it off. I’m not sure I understood what they meant but it got a full charge and no charging problem since.

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