Garmin Group Ride Radio

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Garmin Group Ride Radio

Post by simoncrewe »

I see this accessory has just been released for the XT, with a software update just made available.
Looks like the unit will ship in a few weeks, at a cost of £180.00.

Perhaps useful for people that ride in larger groups.

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Re: Garmin Group Ride Radio

Post by Stu »


It would be good to know how this exactly works

I have a feeling that its some sort of CB radio
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Re: Garmin Group Ride Radio

Post by TripleThreat719 »

At $349.99 USD, that's a pretty expensive mount...

Might be nice to know the location of other parties in your riding group when on a ride with a group of friends, but I really don't see a bunch of people springing for a $350 mount on top of the cost of the GPS. The guys I ride with are really good about lead and sweep riding positions on a group ride, and we have some protocols in place that we use if we become separated.

Sometimes a larger group may end up getting separated into smaller groups, but no one is ever left behind alone.

The ability to talk in the group might be nice at times, but I really don't want someone's voice in my ear when I'm riding technical single track on a dirt bike... That would be really annoying...