MP3 skips the first beat of a song

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MP3 skips the first beat of a song

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Why does it do this?
It is very noticeable on a song which starts with lyrics.
Instead of the song starting "This is a very sad song" it will go "a very sad song"

EDIT: It now get's even more frustrating. I just paired my phone with the XT and played a song which started with lyrics and it started as "This is a very sad song"
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Re: MP3 skips the first beat of a song

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I just loaded my music to the MP3 directory on my SD card, and when playing, it missed the first second or two of the song. It does not matter if I let it play the next song on its own or select the next song..... same deal. Streaming from the phone isn't a problem.
I suppose we have to register a complaint with Garmin if no one knows the answer.....

Edit added - sent email to Garmin Support, will advise.