Routes (SD card or XT )

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Re: Routes (SD card or XT )

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danham wrote: 01 Apr 2023 11:50 Russ,

It's a Basecamp and XT thing and perhaps I was less than clear in my previous reply. I don't have my XT handy to double check the details, but here's what I recall: If you create a route called AtoB and transfer it from BC to an SD card, it will retain that name and look like this at the destination: AtoB.gpx. If you now create a second route in BC called BtoC, select BOTH AtoB and BtoC and export them together, it ends up as something like Selected Data.gpx. If the destination is the XT, it seems to call this route1.gpx and if you export more routes during that "session," the XT will call that route2.gpx. The XT is "smart" enough when you go to import using Trip Planner to find the individual routes by name inside route1.gpx. But if you are looking to keep things organized in your SD card, generic names like route1.gpx and Selected Data.gpx are less than helpful.

Makes total sense to me.... Especially if you have many routes on your SD Card. In addition to organization, it makes it simple to permanently delete any unwanted ones down the line. If Garmins software would have carried your BC's given route name to the SD Card with the .gpx extension and/or have the ability to permanently delete a route on the Zumo XT, these loops could be avoided. If only creating/using a couple routes now and then, it probably wouldn't matter. Ray 👍