Fast Forwarding a MP3 Songs

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Fast Forwarding a MP3 Songs

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Today was my first outing with the Zumo XT mounted on my motorcycle. I discovered that you can't fast forward a song or in my case a mp3 audio book. Here is the problem I discovered today, I'm driving along listening to my audio book in which each section is about 90 minutes long. I used the Zumo to make a phone call and when I was done the media player was locked up. I had to then get out of the media player, go back into the media player and reload the chapter of the audio book I was listening to prior to making my phone call. I needed to fast forward the media player about 20 minutes so I would be at the spot as was at prior to making the phone call. It was at this point I discovered there is no way, as far as I can tell, to fast forward 20 minutes into the story to get where I was at. Now this wouldn't be such a problem with 3-4 minute long songs, but when the audio book mp3 files are 90 minutes long and if I need to turn the unit off when I've already listened to 80 minutes of the audio book section, it's going to be a pain, because I'll need to listen to 80 minutes of the story again before I can get to the part that's new. I've owned other Garmin motorcycle GPS units with media players that allowed the fast forwarding of mp3 files, but somehow Garmin didn't bother to install this feature with their latest and greatest motorcycle GPS. If someone can tell of some trick I'm missing, then please do.

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