New Version of Mapsource for Zumo 550?

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Re: New Version of Mapsource for Zumo 550?

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dmac61 wrote: 05 Feb 2021 01:38 Sounds like a nice trip you have planned! If you do find yourself in Louisiana - be sure to let me know. I live in central Louisiana - pretty much in the dead center of the state. Would love to treat you to the local fare!
Certainly will do. Am including New Orleans in my trip, never made there when I was in DC. Your other query has been covered so hopefully you'll have fun on your next ride :)
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Re: New Version of Mapsource for Zumo 550?

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Just wanted to post one last and great big THANK YOU to sussamb as well as MSTOCK27370 (who had also sent me a PM).

I have now successfully created a custom route in Mapsource, and then transferred it to my 550 without all the annoying orange flags/waypoints.

Again - I would have NEVER been able to get this far without your help and patience - your time and expertise is VERY much appreciated!

Take care, and stay safe!!!

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