Navigator VI Power On Problems

Having problems with your BMW navigator 6? then please post here with any sat nav, software, mount or cradle problems.
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Navigator VI Power On Problems

Post by Alfy »

Hi Stu
First of all thanks for the new Zumo forum and for the separate section for the BMW Navigators.

I'm from Italy (so sorry for my bad english) and i have a problem with my Navigator VI :

it's 11 months old and only since 2 months ago it sometimes doesn't start when into the cradle. When i put it on the support cradle of my BMW R1200GS the first time turns on automatically then, after turning off the bike for a stop and also it turned off, the reignition does not turn on the Nav any more!
I have to remove it from the support and turn it on manually. This happens several times, then decides to turn itself correctly on some other times, then stop.
It seems as if it is completely turned off after a long time the motorcycle is turned off (positioned on the support cradle).
N.B .: The Navigator is correctly charged when connected to both the motorcycle support or an USB cable.

Last weekend news: during a trip the Nav goes crazy and repeatedly changes the screen as if I continuously press one of the buttons on the screen dedicated to travel information ... and I try to go back by pressing the handlebar roller. After a while he calms down and lets me continue the journey until ... it goes crazy again.

Alfy :roll:
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Re: Navigator VI Power On Problems

Post by Bob »

In the first instance I would try cleaning the contacts both on the cradle and on the back of the SatNav, if you haven't done so already. Just clean them gently with a switch cleaner (isopropanol). Or just try cleaning with a dry cotton cloth.

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Re: Navigator VI Power On Problems

Post by dave726 »

I pack DeoxIT® DN5 Mini-Spray, nonflammable 5% solution 14 g on my bike in a ziplock baggie along with a small cloth to wipe up the excess.
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Re: Navigator VI Power On Problems

Post by Kevip »

The problem is solved by the latest firmware update 5.20 :D

It is mentioned in the update listing and, I have just tried it on the bike - all OK!