Problem converting track to trip

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Re: Problem converting track to trip

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I found solution.
I wrote to Garmin support - for share.
Below what I described. Sorry for poor english.

Dear Garmin
I solved this problem by finding a few obstacles that you don't mention and prevent from taking advantage of this utility.
Well, there are two rules to follow when creating a route from a track:
1. The number of track shaping points in the track/route processed in Base Camp must not exceed 500. Maybe it will work on 550, 512 or 579, but I haven't checked it thoroughly, I'm not paying for it, but you take salary. If there are more points, ZUMO XT will download the route, but when you try to import, it will say "route cannot be calculated" and this is the end of the topic.
2. After completing a track <500 points to route in Base Camp, open the freshmade route and randomly select several shaping points and set up an arrival notification. If this is not done, the ZUMO XT will load a route with only ... start and stop points and NOT ONE ROUTE DESIGN POINT. What does this mean, I do not have to, but I will remind you - such a route, in the event of recalculation, e.g. after leaving the route, will be completely recalculated, completely ignoring the points that were visible in the Base Camp. So the 300 km long route around Masuria, starting in Augustów in the west and ending in the east of Augustów, will be the route across the market square of Augustów. Capichi?

That's it. You can spread this knowledge that you don't have, but please indicate that it was invented by me, user Daniel Walczak. Not you, because I have been asking you about it for almost a year and I found out the nothing.
Daniel Walczak