The invisible unit

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Re: The invisible unit

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Had a chat with tech support today.
They had no clue but were very willing to replace the unit with no cost to me.

Thanks for all the advise guys.
This is a good fourum, I might hang around a bit.
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Re: The invisible unit

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It may not be the device or the cable at all. I went through this when I first tried to connect my then-new 595LM to my Toshiba laptop. It would charge but neither Windows or Base Camp would recognize it as a mass storage device as it normally should. Turns out my laptop has 3 usb ports and only 1 works for the 595. My old Garmin nuvi gps device worked in all 3 so this really drove me batty for a while. In order to connect the 595 I must use that 1 port. Turned out it's the only port a usb connected printer works with, too. I just lucked out and happened to randomly plug the printer in there when I bought it so this never came up before.
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