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Re: 595 display

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bogiediver wrote: 20 Nov 2018 01:55 That would be 'bogies' (one 'o' - I can't boogie😎)

It's likely a theme mod I did that helps with contrast... was posted to the old zumoforums and made the rounds...
So that was you eh? 'Preciate the work. I've been experimenting with different themes in the bright sun, overcast days, etc. Most helpful! I've even been inspired to attempt to pull the themes off my old nuvi and see if they'll work on a zumo. Some of them I really like, particularly b/c of the thick purple line of the route.
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Re: 595 display

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sorry for the type-o............one O. Got it. I was not sure where it came from, I have a few custom loaded now and I am always tinkering with them.