Duplicate maps on my XT

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Re: Duplicate maps on my XT

Post by lkraus »

If it helps, this is what my (fully updated) XT has in zūmo XT\Internal Storage\.System\Map

Name Date modified Size KiB Map
D224800B.img 22.04.2022 608976 GARMIN North America DEM
D2338450A.gma 22.04.2022 2.54
D2338450A.img 22.04.2022 4002368 CN NA NT 2023.10
D4919240A.img 22.04.2022 1010920 CN NA NT 2023.10 Foursquare
D6460170A.img 22.04.2022 34182 CN NA NT 2023.10 Parkopedia
D7321000A.img 22.04.2022 5105.5 National Parks v2
D8171040A.gma 07.12.2021 2.54
D8171040A.img 07.12.2021 3855168 TopoActive PS America, North 2021.20
D8172040A.img 07.12.2021 1722816 TopoActive PS America, Central 2021.20

I examined the files in Notepad++ to determine their contents.

zūmo XT\Internal Storage\Map is totally empty.

There are no .unl files anywhere on my XT or in the various Garmin directories on my PC. Results of a Google search says these are "Backup files created by MapSource, a program used to manage maps for Garmin navigational devices; contains unlock codes for maps; used as a backup copy so that the codes can be restored back to the Garmin device.May 5, 2010"
All the references I'm finding only mention their use with Mapsource, so I'm not sure they are still necessary unless perhaps you use that program.
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Re: Duplicate maps on my XT

Post by sussamb »

.unl files are needed on many devices and it is not connected to MapSource. The .unl files may not be needed on some of the latest Garmin devices though, including the XT.
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Re: Duplicate maps on my XT

Post by Peobody »

I assumed .unl = unlock codes but we all know about the work ass-u-me. Regardless, I have them in multiple places on my XT as well as will the map files on the PC for BaseCamp.

lkraus, thanks for you directory listing. I am on a trip now, typing this while at a hotel. I look forward to comparing your list to mine when I get home.

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