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Re: Bluetooth disconnecting

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rbentnail wrote: 05 Jul 2018 14:15 I'm a regular at a few different sport touring sites and at every one this topic comes up. The general consensus is that the 595 is horrible at Bluetooth. What some folks have said:

- Figuring out how to get all your bluetooth stuff to get along (my solution: the 595 is not the bluetooth device hub; it simply receives data from the phone, that's it. Sena connects to phone only)

"works", but under no circumstance will it play music consistently. It stops and starts (mostly stops). It will not reliably (or semi-reliably, or even semi-semi-reliably) play music from an iPhone, from Spotify, from Pandora, or from music stored local to the GPS, on a sim card. It always plays nav comms, but despite the 595, phones, and helmet comms all being current, all being certified compatible by Garmin, they won't work for long. Regardless of setup, regardless of order of pairing or what's turned on in what order, live alerts (or whatever it's called where texts and alerts from your phone are supposed to show up on your 595) never work properly. Same for music. I've had a couple of rides where music worked almost the whole commute. But I've had over hundred rides, literally, that, despite rolling down the driveway with everything working, I couldn't make it to the end of my street with out music stopping and starting, and then stopping completely. After months of this (and more fiddling with the gps while I was riding, trying to make it work, than I'd like to admit), I finally cried uncle and went back to my iphones. Flawless. 595LM still rides on my dash as an ornament.

The connectivity improved after the phone got a new operating system. Before that it could be difficult to pair the phone to the 595. The bluetooth connection between the phone and 595 could be better. Audio is good between the helmet and gps.

I can put up with the audio prompts from the 595 in the car so long as its not Bluetooth. With Bluetooth on FJR the 595 believes it is owed priority over intercom or phone calls. When trying to tell another rider "turn ahead" the 595 won't let me get a word in edgewise. So I banned the 595's audio prompts.

Also, if by some miracle my audio music and podcasts are working, and lo and behold a phone call actually comes through or I try to place one, after the call is done music will not come back and less I turn off the device the phone reboot everything and sacrifice a fucking virgin. Even then - 20% chance the music comes back. I've actually now set the sumo to completely disable phone support.

And on and on. Very little good is ever said about the 595 comm setup and AFAIK no one has figured out how to what it is they want done. It gets kind of confusing after a while b/c everyone seems to want to do something different. Someone posted one time the specif order to pair things and said about 80% of the time it works flawlessly but fir the life of me I can't find that post.
Did you ever get the 595 to work reliably? I have owned a 590 with sounds like the same problem for 4 years. Streaming breaks up... sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks... or music on high speed ... frustrating....
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Re: Bluetooth disconnecting

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Those were all quotes from motorcycle forums from people trying to get the 595 to play pretty with other devices. Still I've not heard of anyone coming up with a reliably consistent way of doing it. Lots of unpairing and rebooting going on. I expect the subject to be revisited as spring comes further along.

I am not a bluetooth or comms type of guy, to me it's just not worth the hassle. I'm a minimalist, often riding with an mp3 in a shirt/jacket pocket and a gps. It was yrs before I bought a phone mount. I generally ride to get away from people and phones, I don't feel the need to be connected at all.
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Re: Bluetooth disconnecting

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I have been having the same problem with mine.
1 bluetoothe device connected -> OK
Headset + Phone bluetooth devices connected -> random disconnects

Been frustrating at the very least.

Did anybody try out the new Zumo XT and if it has the same connectivity issue?

Is there a possibility of exchanging the 595lm for their new XT (like Sena did for their 30K upgrading to 50K)?
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Re: Bluetooth disconnecting

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Xt looks really nice. I'd also be curious to hear if the connectivity issues have been eliminated..
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Re: Bluetooth disconnecting

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Budweiserfrogie wrote: 11 Aug 2020 19:01 Xt looks really nice. I'd also be curious to hear if the connectivity issues have been eliminated..
I had a 595 that was swapped 3 times due to the Bluetooth problems, eventually got a 590 which was slightly better. Not been able to use my new XT much due to lockdowns etc, but so far it seems to be ok.