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Re: 590 themes

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there is a lot of this going on.......

cool and thanks
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Re: 590 themes

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Steve W wrote: 01 Jul 2018 16:27 Guilty, I originated that post. :D The online tools are still available as mentioned above. It's a good idea to keep a copy of any theme you build, renamed is best. Just a note. The gentleman who originated and maintained the software on the javawa site had a stroke and is no longer able to maintain his software. Might be a good idea to archive anything you need.
Also from the old site - love the fact I can change the size of the routing line for these old eyes. Also helps for making the contrast better overall.

Steve W - recognize the avatar... is there a way to download/archive the actual tool used to change the colors? It's a browser based, correct? Not sure, no I am sure - I don't know how to archive or otherwise locally (if possible) retain a copy of the tool. TIA