CN NA 2021.20 Garmin 665 Issue

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CN NA 2021.20 Garmin 665 Issue

Post by carolinarider09 »

I just tried to download the new 2021.20 maps to my 665 device I could not do it as I did before on my MacBook Air, Before I could download the maps to my computer and then upload to the device's SC card using Garmin Express.

This time when I tired, I could not find that option in the program. So, I shifted to Garmin Express running under Windows 7 (using a program called VMWare to allow me to run Windows on my Mac for a couple of programs that are not available under the Mac OS). I found that I could scroll down and download the maps to my computer and then, using Mapinstall, load them on the 665's SD card. So far it works. Only issue might be time frame for reading the map data from the card.

It is interesting that Garmin Express for the MAC is not the same as Garmin Express for PC (Non Apple devices)

I had no issues downloading the Lower 49 states to my Garmin 660 which I keep as a backup for long road trips.