Waypoints to Shaping points

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Waypoints to Shaping points

Post by Scarecrow »

Hi Guys
I'm pretty sure last year while on a trip to Austria I planned a route on my 590 with waypoints but changed them to shaping points on the 590 but I dont seem to be able to do it now.
has anyone any Idea how I might of done it please
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Re: Waypoints to Shaping points

Post by jcinoz »

Hey Del, I can't 100% confirm it's the same on the 590, but on the 595 you can do it by clicking on the Via Point or Shaping Point icon in the list that appears after you select the trip from the Trip Planner (but before you click the Go! button). On the 595 Shaping Points are a blue circle and Via Points are an orange flag. I have feeling the shapes are the same but the colours might be different on the 590.

There is apparently a nasty bug on the 595 when converting a Via Point to a Shaping Point, whereby the point actually gets moved to a new location, not necessarily on the original route. From what I understand there is no issue with doing the reverse, i.e. converting Shaping Points to Via Points. Also, having said that, I understand it is not a problem on the 590, i.e. you can convert between them with impunity.