GARMIN Express update v7.1.2.0

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GARMIN Express update v7.1.2.0

Post by Iris »

GARMIN Express update v7.1.2.0 is now available.

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Re: GARMIN Express update v7.1.2.0

Post by CRracer »

I just went to update my 396 to 2021.2 maps and GE offered this update. After updating, GE would fail to update maps on the 396.

I've used this laptop to update numerous GPS unit, 6 to be exact with 6.2.1.

I moved the 396 to my PC which still had 6.2.1 and I didn't let it update to 7.1.2. updated 396 maps as well as installed to PC.

Put my 395 on laptop, it failed there too. Moved to PC, no issue.

Anyone else have this problem? Between the 396 and 395 attempt, the laptop had a restart just in case. It also updated the 395 gpx file(I believe that was the same update offered) okay.